Enter the world of speculative fiction and learn to structure, polish and prepare your science fiction and fantasy (SF & F) ideas and writings for publication. This course is designed for writers at all stages of development, who have a keen interest in writing science fiction or fantasy stories, under the guidance of a seasoned SF & F author. In class, you will learn how critiques (both giving and taking) are an essential part of any successful writing process. Students will first work on structuring their stories, learning and using the building blocks of all fiction writing, and then submit finished stories to the class and instructor for constructive criticism, feedback and refinement during the latter sessions of the class.

Note Students will need a CPCC login and CPCC email prior to the first class. Go to www.cpcc.edu. Choose online services. Then choose CPCC login to create or lookup your student login account and email.

There are no sections currently available for this course.