The night sky holds many wonders for the star gazer. How did man discover the solar system? The tilt of the earth's axis? What have we discovered in recent years that can tell us more about our universe? In this course we will examine the planets, our solar system, constellations and the night sky using the principles of astronomy and fundamentals of celestial navigation using binoculars and/or telescopes and the naked eye. You will never gaze upon the stars again as a novice; instead you will come away with a new perspective on the night sky and all the wonders it holds. *Please note: binoculars and/or telescopes are recommended but not required. The instructor will bring a telescope to class.

LLI 7907 - 40
Levine Campus
CEUs: 1.00
Contact Hours: 10.0
Synonym: 75379
Tuition: $89.00
Term: Spring 2017 (3/2/2017 3/30/2017)
Format: Classroom/Lab
Class - Th 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM in Levine Campus 2215
Instructor: Carl