This course will follow The North Carolina Office of EMS and the National Emergency Medical Services Educational Standards set forth for initial paramedic training. Areas of instruction in the Paramedic I course include Preparatory- EMS Systems / Roles and Responsibilities, Medical / Legal Issues, Ethics, General Principles of Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Venous Access and Medication Administration, Therapeutic Communication, Life Span Development, Airway Management and Ventilation, Patient Assessment-History Taking, Techniques of Physical Examination, Patient Assessment, Clinical Decision-Making, Communications, and Documentation.

EMT 7900 - 01
Central Campus
CEUs: 23.20
Contact Hours: 232.0
Synonym: 44947
Tuition: $180.00
Term: Fall 2015 (8/17/2015 12/8/2015)
Format: Classroom/Lab
Class - MTThSa 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM in Elizabeth Classroom Building 0100
Instructor: Morris
Note: Students must have a current Emergency Medical Technician Certification (EMT). 48 hours of Clinical at CMC Main. 1 hour lunch.